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Electronic Fast Integration Group

Integrating; business, legal, and technical answers for results.

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EFIG uses innovative methods to answer business questions.

We solve problems that cross business, legal, and technical boundraies.

When you need answers, you need to contact us.

   Sample Services:
  • Business managers evaluating risk scenarios from patent infringement actions.
      • Ask, is the company at risk?
  • Company Directors and Officers needing "big-picture" answers.
      • Ask, do we need or have a risk reporting system?
  • Outside counsel, law firms needing a technology patent landscape analysis.
    • Ask, what can I tell my client?
  • Inside counsel, needing "fact-based" business options.
    • Ask, how can engineers avoid "willfull infringement"?
  • Inventors with an idea needing a patentable implementation.
    • Ask, what can we patent?
Contact us:
Electronic Fast Integration Group
P.O. Box 3251
Los Altos, CA 94024

Phone: 1 (408) 425-0118
E-mail address: